1. Guaranteed Lowest Prices

We offer more for less with the best prices in town. We are proud of saying that we have the lowest prices in town without that in any way jeopardising the quality, safety and duration of our tours. Our Chicago sightseeing tours are guaranteed one of the best things to do in Chicago. Our Prices Cannot be Beaten!!!

2. Hands on training

At Chicago Segway Tour, we train you on the spot, one by one, step by step without a training video. We can have a group well informed and experienced through our training drills in less than half an hour.

Other companies have you sit through a one hour training video with no hands on training. There is no way you will feel confident riding a Segway by only watching a video.

3. No damage deposit is required

Other Segway tour companies require several hundred dollars in advance to secure a deposit for unforseen damages. Unfortunately they are hoping you break something and charge you double or triple of the actual damage amount.

We at Chicago Segway Tour care about your safety and focus on you having fun, not on ripping you off.

4. The latest Segway models

Other Segway Tour companies offer older, depreciated Segway models, and price their tours much much higher. The first generation segway models are smaller, not so fast, and not so responsive

Our fleet is 100% comprised of the latest Segway models, i2 and x2, which are much more easier and enjoyable to ride.

5. Hand-picked Staff

We know that the Segway itself is only one part of the total touring experience. We believe that your tour guide will have the biggest impact on your experience. At the risk of bragging, we have the best guides in the business, bar none. That's because we only hire the best. They have undergone extensive Segway certification training. They have to be professional, courteous, and articulate. So whether the group is comprised of teens, grandmas, or corporate execs, our guides can connect with everyone.

6. Fun while informative

Our Chicago tour guides have been handpicked and trained in such a manner in order for us to ensure that you receive the most significant & accurate information about the places you visit, merging at the same time entertainment and fun at its best.

Hear great stories about Chicago while capturing a glimpse of places of great charm in almost 2.5 hours tour that could otherwise take you much more time to explore.

We offer more for less with the best prices in town.

7. Rain Checks NO Expiration Date

Other Segway tour companies do not allow you to cancel/reschedule your reservation due to an emergency or inhospitable weather conditions. They encourage you to ride in the rain without giving you the option to reschedule. This way you have to ride, otherwise you lose your money.

We at Chicago Segway Tour do not force you to do a Segway Tour in the rain because: it is not safe, you can catch a cold, your pictures will not come out right, you will have an uncomfortable ride and experience.

We will issue you a voucher / Rain Check which has no expiration date and you can reschedule whenever you can. We do not run tours when it is raining.

8. Boutique tour operation

Our small and personable touch makes us much more dynamic than the larger tour operation allowing us to offer a better price and attention to all our customers.

9. Copying is a form of flattery

Our competitors are always playing catch up with us, releasing their version of a feature that we already offer.

We take pride in being the industry leader and seek to raise the bar with new features every year.

10. An array of different segway colors

We offer a wide variety of Segway colors for you to choose from. Mix and match with your attire, or choose a color to stick out from the crowd.

Our competitors offer the basic Segways. With us you will not be caught dead all riding the same colored Segways.

11. Two pure hours of Segway riding

Some Segway tour companies supposedly offer three hours of touring. You waste one hour watching the training video, and they make so many stops during the tour for drinks, snacks or restroom breaks that time flies by without you even knowing it.

That time could have been better spent enjoying the city view and wheels of your Segway.

12. Small groups for safety and personal attention

We offer small group tours for safety reasons and greater personal attention. We do not force you to join a 30 person group just for you to take part in a Segway tour.

13. Generous discounts for repeat riders

Chicago Segway Tour is the ONLY company that offers better prices for repeat riders every time that your are coming back to tour with us.

14. Safety training bars

We are the ONLY company that offers the safety training bars on the Segways to quickly walk you through the training drills and orientation.

You will be up and riding much quicker and confident with our training sessions.

15. Comfort mats available

We are the ONLY company that offers the comfort mats, to ease any stiff legs or tired feet for a more pleasurable ride.

16. Kick stands are installed on our Segways

We are the ONLY company that offer kickstands for your Segways, so you do not need to bend every time to pick up or park your Segway.

17. Lights and tailights for the evening tours

That's right, lights and tailights on our Segways for the evening tours. Some of our competitors do not offer this feature.

18. Flexible and private Segway tours

We offer very flexible, personable and private sections tours.

19. Lowest tour prices with more value

We offer more for less with the best prices in town.

+1 extra reason why we are better than any other Segway tour company

At Chicago Segway Tours we offer the best, the most entertaining, the most informative and the most comprehensive tour of the town. Our aim is for you to have an unforgettable experience and we promise that we will leave you with a fascinating picture book of Chicago that will last a lifetime!

A good tour is satisfactory experience, but a great tour, one led by a great guide or even by the owner, its is an experience you will always cherish and remember. At Chicago Segway Tours we strive to make every tour a great tour !

Guaranteed Lowest
Prices in Town!

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